Kansas City Here We Come!

posted by on 2008.02.07, under Uncategorized

This month my video suite “we do not have to inherit everything they leave for us” will be presented in a group show of video art that opens tonight in Kansas City at the University of Missouri’s Gallery of Art. The show, called I-Dentity, was curated by Ashley McLean Emenegger and includes work SE Barnet, Nancy Buchanan, Zackary Drucker, Nabawia (Nabby) El-Soudani, Anthony Goicolea, Terrence Handscomb, Michele Jaquis, McCallum & Tarry, Natasa Prosenc, Miller Updegraff & Kaari Upson, Bruce Yonemoto. I know all of you on the east and west coasts will be flying there tonight so as not to miss the party. I wish I could too.

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