Shaolin Saturdays

posted by on 2008.02.13, under Uncategorized

Two Saturdays ago, Michele and I went to the Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of art to check out the documentary photo show Shaolin: Temple of Zen by Justin Guariglia. There was also a Kung Fu and Calligraphy demonstration by Shaolin monk Shi De Chao.

Shaolin Monk Shi De Chao from Jeremy Quinn on Vimeo.

First he did a meditation set, then this Kung Fu set above. I didn’t catch the name of the set unfortunately, but we were told it is the basic set all the monks in the Shoalin temple learn early on.

Check out some photos from the show here on flickr, or see my vimeo page for two more videos, including the great Monk’s Spade set.

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