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Last night we watched a couple of videos by the artsist Walid Ra’ad.. if you have never heard of him, you should go and hunt down his stuff. Try a nearby art school library (Michele was kind enough to order a couple for the Otis library). Or look up Video Data Bank and order em yourself. While I believe one of the videos we watched was more like a true documentary (Up To The South-with Jayce Salloum) – he often works from a place in between fact and fiction, adding his own narrative or point of view to a story already given the stamp of “truth” by history or mass media. He is tricky, brilliant, and not to be simply taken at face value. His work causes you to question what you are willing to believe, what you have been told is truth – and raises questions about the West’s portrayal and understanding of the Middle East and the people who live there or come from there.

Seriously. Genius.

Here are a few leads: ++++ ++++ ++++

Video Data Bank page search for Ra’ad under Artist.

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