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This past weekend:

Gallery 825 inuagurated its new space in Bergamot Station with a show featuring the work of Gina Stepaniuk. The new space is in the Patricia Correia Gallery. The blurred and distorted landscape paintings, very green, hinting at motion, will be up through the end of August. Photos from the show should be up soon in the Recent Shows set. Keep posted.

Also, Rise Industries took a field trip to the Knitting Factory to see one of our favorite bands, Rasputina. Usually three women with cellos (tonight there were two and a leather vest clad drummer-boy) Rasputina somehow mix the chamber music of the 1870’s with the roughest, trashiest metal of the 1970’s. Throw in a stage presence that involves Victorian undergarments, and expertly crafted lyrics – floating from dry wit to the surreal to hauntingly beautiful poetry, and you have a band that would have made Ozzy circa 1968 weep with joy. Mixed into the ultra smooth flowing set were: cover of Led Zep’s Rock and Roll, Twisted Sister, and I Like Big Butts!

Go see for yourself : >> And if you are not into the Goth thing, which we at Rise are decidedly not, don’t worry – it’s not required to enjoy them.

Opening for Rasputina was George Sarah, a man with a keyboard, synth, samples, drum machine, and a live string trio (Viola, Cello and Violin I think, but I could be mistaken).While not the virtuoso’s that Rasputina were, Sarah and his crew dropped some great trancy, ephemeral, techno beats with a warm organic feel. This CD will join our collection soon

All this great string music is making me think there is something to it… look for the addition of a Cello to the Crocket the Ironmonger lineup soon.

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