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So, my picture appeared in the LA Times yesterday. Naked. Yep. Well, to be accurate, it was my partial, blurry siloutte. But the photo was taken while I was standing around with nothing at all on.
I was posing for a photo series by Johnny Naked, who has a project called The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project. The title describes it pretty accurately. Its a conceptual photo (maybe even performance?) project where you can purchase a photograph of someone who previously posed in the nude by posing in the nude for the project. Then your photo goes on display in the gallery (and most of them are also online, with heavy watermarking), and the next person gets to buy your photo by posing. Has to be naked of course. But you can determine how you would like to be presented. Oh, and also the photo has to be taken in the gallery itself, so no getting all comfortable in your home. The project has just about run its course, though Johnny is still taking photos, and all of the images so far are on display at Gallery 825 through November 17.

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