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Bad idea? Porsche has starting offering its new SUV, the Cayenne (who the hell names cars anyway). Here are some photos. Pretty ugly, but perhaps a natural follow up to the awkward Boxter. Porsche

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This is good. LYCA

Link from Archinect thanks.

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Glasgow! Till ! can get back there, I will have to be satisfied with this and a pint of MacEwans Lager.Glasgow’s Web Cam!

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Art show to benefit* opens on Thurs the 19th from 6:00 to 9:00pm. Sculpture, painting, drawing and photography will be on display in the first two floors of a house in the Federal Hill section of town, 27-29 Penn Street, between Vinton and Knight Streets. The house will be open by appointment only until the 30th. Call 401.831.1963.

Artists include, but are not limited to:

Sarah Clover, Kathleen Griffin, Dave Johnson, Leanne Rosso, Andrew Prayzner, Glenn LaVertu, Jen Raimondi, May Yao, Tracey Ingle, Alicia Renedette

and a few more…

* is a community website which documents and alerts those interested in the plight of mill buildings and industrial spaces in Providence. Art reviews, art and music interviews, and a whole section on local architecture and preservation, past and present.

Maybe we will post some photos after the show. -j

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Holiday Gift Idea Number One:

“Thanks to new computer-driven processing technologies and ultra-pure, non-toxic chemicals, twice as many Sea-Monkeys instantly hatch, grow larger and live longer than ever before.”The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Yes, you can still get Sea-Monkeys, and they are probably just as stupid now as they were then. Add pet rock and a chia pet to complete your consumer farmyard trio.

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Hey!@ Oksana, an LA based graphic designer and hamster farmer, has made some really nice boxes you can download and print out. Great for stickin presents in to send to your pals. eDesign

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Now that’s fucking dictatoring…An Empire of Mosques

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FAT. Fashion Architecture Taste, picks up where Venturi leaves off. And this house is rad. Blue House

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So, this is a bit funny. I was searching for architecture + hole on google and came up with this. Maybe you will buy a painting. Golf Art “Mike has been painting a 19th century style in both still life and golf landscapes since 1985.”

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Useless products to annoy the ones you love. Here is a winner. I hated these things in the nineties, and I hate them more now. And I have a dog.