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Uh oh, clicking on the Where is Raed blog gets me to the Blogger home page – Where is Salam? I hope the boys from Bagdad haven’t lost their server, or worse..

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Have a side car to ring in the new year!

1.5-2 oz Brandy/Cognac (depending on how strong you like em)

.75 oz or so Cointreau

Juice of half a lemon..

Shake w/ ice and strain into a sugar rimmed up glass.


Don’t fall down till midnight!

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Happy Holidays yo. Maybe you have already heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but the world’s first phonecam art show will be held at sixspace in LA soon. Check it out.

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34 years ago music fucking rocked. What do we have now? Crap and re-hashing of what was great… oh sure there are always a few new gems – but nothing like this:The greatest week in rock history

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For those of you getting into the holiday spirit, here are some tips for Drinking Responsibly During The Holidays

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YES! i am completely with you on this…obviously.

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This is alot of the reason I am not for getting married – until same sex marriages are also legal. I am glad that there are actually other people who feel that it is wrong to use witholding the benefits of marriage as a method to marginalize same sex couples.

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The Farnsworth House, by Mies Van Der Rohe, has been purchased at auction by the National Trust for 7.5 million dollars. So now it will be preserved on its site until the next (inevitable) flood takes its toll. Actually, I was kind of hoping someone would purchase it and do something a little more interesting – but then, I have a weird desire to violate its purity – see here.

For more about the purchase, go . here

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Fannypack, I love them. What I want to know is, if they werent born yet in the 80’s, how come they do it so perfectly? L’Trimm got nothin on them, cept for Miami of course.

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I forgot to mention, ziboy tells me, for some reason, he is unable to get to RISE. Are we being censored in Beijing?