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A bug-eating robot. It actually eats flies and digests them to get its power. Created by the good folks at University of the West of England. I am going to order a crate of cockroach eating ‘bots as soon as they are available, and let em loose under the sink.

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We are enjoying a wonderful holiday break out in the Boston area. Eight inches of snow last night enabled me to go sledding today with a friends 3 year old and ma brotha. We had the little plastic toboggans, hitting speeds upwards of at least 4 mph!

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Gorgeous panoramas from france, including Ronchamp. I saw them at TMN.

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Well, I guess its all about Coudal this morning, because this link to Short Films About Flying I saw posted there sound like a brilliant idea. I have no sound at work, so I will have to check it out later.

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Coudal Partners has a great solution to the loud, annoying person talking on their cell phone at the table next to you. Print em out and use em.

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Happy Hanukkah Yo!

Hannukkah Hey Ya!

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Happy Hanukkah Yo!

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Michele and I just came back from a fantastic weeklong trip to New York City.. so I will start posting a bunch of New York related stuff for a bit now. Here is one – photos of how the city has changed over time. A series of new photos by Douglas Levere revisting sites show in photos by Bernice Abbott.

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This makes me feel a little better.

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Break it down John, break it down.

Video for DJ Danger Mouse’s mashup of the Beatle’s White Album and Jay-Z’s Black Album mashes video footage accordingly.

Check Ringo out.