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Nintendo songs, a cappella. This is f-ing great.


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excuse me, but holy f@#$ing crap… Adobe to buy out Macromedia!! The new Microsoft, argh! That means my page layout, vector program, image manipulator, web page builder, and interactive web content builder will all be under the same company! The only thing i will use on a daily basis that Adobe won’t own is Suitcase. WTF happened to innovation and competition?

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I just posted a little photo slide-show from our trip to New York this past winter – a long overdue post. Its under the current tab and will give you a pop-up window. (So tell Firefox to allow it!)

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We built a house out of straw and got off the grid. We got a blog. This is our story.

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Akira dropped me a line to let me know that Foucault sings the blues. With the help of Gary Radford, Marie Radford, and Stephen Cooper.

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I just launched the new Video and Audio blog, with RSS feed, so y’all can keep track of our media ouput. Its got one nice little video up, and I hope to update it weekly. The layout is still just the default until I can get to redesigning the template – content first, presentation later. Take a peek.

Free RSS reader.

If you have a PSP, use this to convert video and transfer to it.

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In an interesting move designed to conserve energy, Congress mulls over changing time.

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When robots attack works of art –> :: click ::

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Sometimes at work, I try to brush up on my French by writing poems with vocabulary Juliette gives me. This is today’s. If you want a translation, go to Babelfish and run it through – though they don’t know what flac means (puddle).

Dans une

Petite flac du lait

J’ai perdu mes yeux.

Blanc sur le blanc

Avec un point de blue.

Ils ne voient rien mais le ciel.

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I just got back from a road trip to Nashville, and heard about the Phenix Mill fire this week. Sad. AIR will do what it can to add this property to our RIP section. If anyone has good photos of the mill pre-blaze, please get in touch with us, and thanks.