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And don’t give me any of that 22/7 crap either.

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Happy Pi Day!!

March 14 = 3.14

“Pi Day is celebrated in a variety of ways. Parties or other observances may be held by mathematics departments in educational institutions. Math or science clubs might gather to consider the role that the number ? has played in their lives and to imagine the world without ?. During such an event, pi celebrants may devise alternative values for ?, eat pie, play piñata, drink Piña Colada, eat pineapple, listen to the song “Pi” by Kate Bush, or watch Pi. The shape of the pie is sometimes square, due to the pronunciation of the equation for the surface area bounded by a circle = ?r2, i.e. “pie are squared.”

The “ultimate” pi moment[1] occurred on March 14, 1592, at 6:53 AM and 58 seconds. When written in American-style date format, this is 3/14/1592 6:53.58, which corresponds to the value of pi to twelve digits: 3.14159265358. However, considering this was well before any kind of standardized world time had been established, and the general public had no concept of ?, the occurrence likely went unnoticed[2].”


Also note the Albert Einstein was smart enough to be born on Pi day.

My dad was also smart enought to be born today! Nice work Dad, and happy birthday!

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Hmm. A little embarassing that I have not posted anything in a week while Tim here is on a roll with his Musical Tuesdays.. but so many things are going on.. and I have not had time to find the juicy news you all require..

Maybe I need to introduce some kind of architectural Wednesdays.. or Thursdays for that matter.

One thing I can say is that Mika Soma – a fine arts student over at Otis College of Art and Design, has joined me this semester as the official Rise Industries Intern. She has been helping out with wrapping up a big digital mural project I am working on (more later…) and we are currently putting together a magazine/art book that we hope to put out in several weeks. Its tentatively called Not Bad, and will deal with art/writing/photos/rememberances of Where We are From.. and Where We are. Places or environments lived in so to speak. Thats a loose idea though..

So – consider this a call for submissions.. if you have ideas for anything that can be printed (its going to be either color or black and white folded 11×17 format I think) and deals with your past or your current environment… drop me an email with an idea and we can talk.

Send to jquinn at

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Hey man, I have hockey players in the family too – crazy.

Check out Manon Rheaume – some sort of cousin/relation on my Mom’s side of the family (from back in Canada).