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Hey everyone out there who wears shirts. I made this little wintertime T-shirt design and posted it over on threadless. If you want one, head over there and vote on it. I think you have to sign in to do that.. but its free and totally worth it and I will love you forever.

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I made up a joke yesterday.

What has an IQ of 100 and weighs 120 pounds?

Nicole Ritchie giving Paris Hilton a piggyback!

(ah sorry everyone, it was funny at the time)

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Thinking of modding my GTI for the coming apocalypse.

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Yesterday I saw these two great vanity license plates:

on a white van – VNA WHTE

on a white 90s Cadillac – WHT WHALE

Thar she blows!

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Just got back from a post-thanksgiving camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park. It was hovering around freezing out there the first night with a crazy wind that didn’t want us to sleep. We camped underneath a rock that looked like a face chopped off and turned sideways.

Also, I became a Jedi.

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Lets make this a Manchester Wednesday, shall we?


Wrote for Luck!

Fools Gold!

I wanna be adored!


Also, in this wanna-be-the-rolling-stones video for Movin’ on Up, is that Steven Hyde from That 70’s Show playing guitar? Odd.

(yeah, I know Primal Scream are from Glasgow and not Manchester, but Glasgow is better anyhow so there)

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Found this great comic out there, think I got to it via Coudal.


Also – how robots came up with God.

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Monday funnies:

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Can you please go check out how awesome this fan site of Queen City TV is. Please.
I mean, damn that’s awesome.

I came across it looking for some 70s ad images.

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A new gadget from our dear and glorious leader Google… Grand Central. What kind of sinister plot are they up to? A phone number of the beast? I’m only half kidding…

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