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See more Art! LA Freewaves continues until the 30th.. so check their schedule and go see more art. Also note the programming on public TV here in LA. LA Freewaves

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I just had to post this.. its from that last link:

Dear …… ,

Sometimes I wonder how two people can be such good friends. You are so special to me and

add so much to my life. I love the time we spend together and that we feel so comfortable with

each other.

I’ve been wanting to bring something up for a while now, but didn’t really know how to come

out with it. I worry that it might hurt our friendship if I do, which is the last thing I want. But I need to

say this with the hope that you have been thinking it too and neither of us have found a way to talk

about it. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we decided to become more than friends?

Sometimes I think you are attracted to me in a romantic way. I want to tell you everything I feel, but

then I tell myself that I must be imagining it. I just can’t be sure. I can only be sure of one thing — I am

attracted to you and want to be more than friends.I hope you feel the same way, because if you don’t

I might have made a big mistake by telling you, jeopardizing our existing friendship. If you are feeling

the same way, though, it will have been worth the risk.

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This should help if you are having trouble with Love//////.

Love form letters. ALL the stuff on this site here is top-notch, hunt around in there.

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Finally, Love demystified.The Love Calculator

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More Love, I guess.{{{{

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Today needs more Love. Here is some: }}}}

Keep clicking next for more.

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Just posted anther conversation about Luxury to the blog in that section. Camia had some questions for me.

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So, Harley Grusko dropped me a line the other day to let me know about MainStudio ,+++ a website featuring his work along with a slew of other folks. Its based out of the University of Manitoba in Canada.. and is well worth taking a stroll through. Definitely check out his Data Bank project as it is taking shape.

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Morning all. Got this interesting email from my friend Jen. Two links about found art/letters. ### The one about coke and viagra is interesting, particulary that someone writes these letters more than once. Practice? Also check out $$$. I admit I collect these things sometimes too.

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Some photos of George Yu’s (sciarc faculty.. kick ass architect) 1 meter shiny glowing box – called Primitive – are online here ////. (Link stolen from SCi-Arc)It is part of the show Blue Diamond 68 at Artist Space in NYC curated by Neil Denari. Take a look, it sure is pretty.