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This little AI game took 28 questions to tell me I was thinking of a Lemur, and less than 20 to figure out Silly Putty. Pretty damn cool, and it learns more as more people play it. I am sort of addicted to playing it now though. Something about AI piques my interest. Now maybe I will go and re-read Gibson’s Neuromancer series.20Q

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This is the best web content I have come across in a long time – The Low Fi Mixtape Network. Folks send in their mix tapes (yeah, on cassette man) and they rip em and make em available online. If they are still taking submissions, we will go through our files and send the best of the Rise Industries mix tapes for the listening pleasure of all. I have been listening to this stuff for hours, absolutely great! ++++

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my anger and frustration with our horrid president and his administration prevents me from saying anything more.

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How many times can this man prompt me to say:


Just one more – ++++

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and I think we ought to codify that one way or another,” Bush told reporters at a White House news conference.”

Or, what he really means: while I accept that there are gay people in the US and I cant do nuthin bout that, I aint gonna give them any legal equality unless I absolutely fucking have to.

Get this lying, murdering, warmongering, bigot out of the Whitehouse NOW PLEASE.

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Great article over at TMN about the only radio station you can listen to in Marfa – a pirate one to boot (cue Johnny Depp!). Check it out. ++++

Also – weigh in on a discussion of Axl Rose’s sincerity in welcoming you to the jungle.. a quote from the thread “…they are the american smiths”. Interesting. +++

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This Saturday… Zone 9 Presents:

[sub]URBAN/[sub]VERSION a one night multi media event, which is part of “The Underground Gets Above Ground” series.

Saturday August 2, 2003. 8 pm – midnight

The Little Tokyo Lofts

420 San Pedro Street

Downtown Los Angeles


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Suffering from deep monday afternoon boredom? Textism has a nice game for you to play – given that you are near a toilet and have recently purchased a 12 pack of toilet paper. So get on with it. ++++

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Here is the correct link for the documentary “The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm” !!!!! This is so important to see. Very thought provoking and insightfull.

Always good to question everything…

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Don’t know too much about these Degree Zero guys yet – but this is gorgeous, and they have some slick product/furniture design in there too. Browse around, there are a lot of things worth a look ++++

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These are so old school I remember them being emailed around back in ’94 or so – but I love em. Advertisements gone wrong in translation ++++