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Sound art often makes for good public art – something about the way that it can either work as background, or create something to stop and focus in on and contemplate. Anyway – there is a new permanent sound installation in the parking garage below Edgemar Plaza in Santa Monica, read about it here, or just go check out it in person.

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Starck designed a nice glowing optical mouse – cheap too. Take a peek here.

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Design your own machine parts and have them milled (or laser cut, thermoformed, water jet cut, etc.) and sent to you, all via the web. I plan to take advantage of this one soon. ++++

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I love the Ontario College of Art and Design’s new building. Will Alsop is one crazy mofo.. I almost can’t believe this wacky thing got built. +++

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I made a quick little song last night in Acid Pro.. it’s based on part of the poem The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot, which I ran through a web based voice generator trying to read English in Spanish. All the other sounds are samples from the drum machine program Fruity Loops, a bit abused and at a different tempo than intended. Check it out here – The Hollow Men Part Three.

(Click on link to play, right or alt-click and “save target as” to download”

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Tired? Go take a nap +++.

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Michele and I were talking about Futurism for some reason the other night. So now you can too. +++

Here is a link to the Manifesto. Out of all the avant garde manifestoes, this is the best. ++++

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Nice drawing of the Atari Headquarters.

posted by on 2004.08.03, under Uncategorized has an interactive version of the famous 1958 photo of jazz greats gathered together in Harlem, taken by Art Kane. Explore it here +++. Seen at TMN.

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Yesterday was the anniversay of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, a bold attempt on the Polish peoples’ part to take back the city, which then fueled horrifific revenge from the Nazis. Read about it here +++.