In remembrance.

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He has been compared to Captain James Cook, and not just because he was severely beaten by some Hawaiians…

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A couple of weeks ago, Michele and I went to the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. The American Cinematheque was screening Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey in its original 70mm film print. I have seen 2001 many times, and it is in fact one of my absolute favorite films, but I had not seen it in many, many years. And I had never seen it in a theater, and certainly not like this. It had been long enough ago last time that I had forgotten some key things. Mainly that every scene was absolutely gorgeous, the soundtrack incredible, the details all so perfectly designed. Its a masterpiece. Its actually hard to believe this came out a year or so before the first manned moon landing. Anyway. Then last week Arthur C. Clarke died. So go watch this film again in tribute.


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Apart from spending time in the Mojave Desert, the only thing I do for Easter is listen to Jesus Christ Superstar. Which rules.

Joshua Tree Redux

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Michele and I just got back from a camping trip to Joshua Tree, where Spring is in full effect – pulling previously unthinkably green things from the arid desert soil and bursting flowers out of all the Joshua Trees. Check out alot of photos on the Flickr page.


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Maybe they could make a replica of the Circular Gulf Station, Talk of the Town, Providence Fruit and Produce, former Police Station at LaSalle Square…

A MyLittleTown Replica of the Rocky Point Park Gate

RECOVERED documentary completed!

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As many of you know, for the last three and a half years I have been working on a documentary with Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders called RECOVERED Journeys Through the Autism Spectrum and Back. It follows four children who recovered from Autism Spectrum Disorder and includes an original score by our very own Jeremy Quinn and Michael Feldman, with songs by Nine More Lies and H. Hanson. I am very proud to announce that the project is complete and the premiere is scheduled for Friday April 25, 2008 at 8 pm (doors open at 7 pm) at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. RSVP for Premiere screening, Q&A and Reception or if you are out of town you can purchase the 2 disk DVD set to watch at home.

Local Music documentation

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I finally edited the video from the Local Music performance at Dangerous Curve on 2.29.08. Check it out here.


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My love of the ruination came back this morning as i was inspired to view Detroit from, with their Bird’s Eye satellite view. The city’s fabric is so full of holes, it’s leaves me awestruck but also inspired, as the city is in the midst of a mini-renaissance (the age-old combination of big cheap space and the artists and designers who seek that space always eventually works, even in cities long forgotten). Then I did some more searching, and found SeeDetroit. I like to think that they unintentionally liked the idea that you can read it as Seed Detroit. Some great photo collections, though they have an inconsistent template design (the designer in me can’t help but be perturbed).

State Shirt show!

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Hey kids, I wanted to make a quick post about a show I’m playing soon. I’ll be playing some of my new songs at Crane’s Tavern in Hollywood, CA on Sunday March 16. I’ll be doing some live looping with two digital Echoplexes and a bunch of pedals. No more acoustic guitar, I’ll be kicking it with my $150 Fender Toronado. Come on out and have some fun, and drink many $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon drafts.

:::: March 16, 2008, Sunday, 9pm
:::: Crane’s Tavern
:::: 1611 N. El Centro, Hollywood, CA

Béla Lugosi's in your bed…

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