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Get ready for the slew of stupid, fake articles traditionally appearing on websites in order to weakly celebrate April 1st. Here are some real pranks of years past – I wholeheartedly endorse trying to pull off something big this year. I got no ideas yet though. I bet my brotha Nate could whip up something quick though.

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Red House Gallery is pleased to present Random Perspectives, a group show including works by Marcos Alvarez, Sharon Ben-Tal, Julie Cannon, Jessica Curtaz, Mimi Drop, Asuka Hisa, Tom Houlden, Julie Hughes, JC Jaress, Robin McCauley, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Jeremy Quinn, Michele Jaquis, Lorcan O’ Herlihy, Paul Pitsker, Masami Tsuchikawa, Miller Updegraff, Susie White, Luke Whitlatch, Leslie Yagar, and Michiko Yao. The opening reception will take place on April 1, 2006 from 6 pm – 10 pm.

An exhibition of new and accomplished artists, Random Perspectives is a space where one is free to contemplate perceptions and question their source. It explores the effect of perspective on perception. Engaging the sensual and the intellectual, Random Perspectives is where the abstract exists with the concrete, and the geometric evolves from the organic.

This exhibition is curated by Evelyn FitzGibbon and Ashley McLean Emenegger of McLean Fine Art. Access to the studio of resident artist, Trek Thunder Kelly, will also be available.

The gallery is located at 1224 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291. Gallery hours are 11am – 6 pm Monday through Friday and 1 pm – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. For further information please contact the gallery at 310.452.3264

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This one comes in from the “Duh” file:

Study: Prayer doesn’t affect heart patients

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Text of an Edict by the Mayor of Lawrence Kansas (where William S. Burroughs is from, unless I am mistaken) proclaiming International Dadaism Month. Please note the dates on your calendar and celebrate accordingly.

For a more info on Dada, see this article.

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Wow. Electro pop is so in right now, but have you ever seen any band mix it with Italian-style Opera, moogs, synths, and shiny metallic outfits? Then you might have seen UV Protection, too.

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I’m just going to chime in here and say that I finally found one of the songs I have long been searching for: Stockholm. Its by the New Fast Automatic Daffodils, but I didn’t know that so it took me a while to track it down. Also found No New Tale To Tell by Love and Rockets – which has an almost identical guitar riff to some song by Renegade Soundwave. Speaking of Renegade Soundwave – they provide most of the backing music (via liberal sampling) to the first two Pop Will Eat Itself albums. So if you like PWEI, chances are you might like the instrumental dub-house-tendencies of RS.

Tim, I will post you a copy, cuz I think its right up your “music from around high school time” alley. Hell, I will just send all three of them.

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I used to go collect rocks at the beach at night, without a light, when your vision is low and you can only see in black and white. I would pick a rock, and wrap it up in a cloth, a bandana most likely. Then I would never look at it in the light. If I had to peek at it, I would only do it at night with the lights off. That way, I had a rock but I didn’t know what color it was. For some reason that made me happy.

It’s like the cats being grey. “La nuit tous les chats sont gris (at night all the cats are grey, expression meaning that sometimes, nobody can make a difference…)”

And I don’t understand why you can spell Grey with an E or A. Gray. That is just pure laziness.

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I just posted photos from out camping trip to Anza Borrego last weekend, which was sublime. Go and check them out – click on the Flickr link in the navigation bar.

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FIXED, an independent film directed by Neil Matsumoto and produced by
our friend Lewis Haidt, is finally coming to the big screen this week.

Michele and I created artworks for some of the characters in the film,
and so Rise Industries will be making its big screen debut! Try and
check this one out if you can – it’s a great film and a huge deal for us
over here at Rise.

Hope to see you there! We will be attending the screening on Friday.
There is another on Tuesday, both at the Arclight Theater. See below for
more info – and the article here in the LA Times


The premiere of FIXED, produced by Lewis Haidt, this
the 28th, @ 10:00 p.m. All at Arclight in Hollywood.

FIXED tells the story of a Los Angeles painter, struggling to get
control over his life and stars Jason Van Over as Matthew and Tina
Holmes (SIX FEET UNDER) as Deanna. To purchase tickets, go to
Silver Lake Film Festival.

This film will make you think about love and
intimacy in a new way.

Hope to see you on Friday or Tuesday.

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Sorry – had a little Blog meltdown there for a while. All seems to be back to normal, except now all the text is written in pink, then swtiches to black just before it hits your eyes.