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Finally, a cool place to put all of my chickens!!! After they have hatched, and while they are making more eggses of course. ++++

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May Yao rocks!!!

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Linda Ronstadt was hot!

Now go listen to Blue Bayou…

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Louise Bourgeois has produced a tiny run of fabric books ++++, which are being printed as a bigger run of lithographs.. so maybe I will get to see them. The originals are all fabric on farbric – some of it cut from antique clothes she has been storing since the 20’s. Yeah, she still rocks at 93.

You may have to log-in to New York Times to see the article, but its free. You should anyway.

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I wish I hadn’t missed this: October Surprise – Creative Interventions and Underground Politics in Northeast Los Angeles.

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My brotha out in Boston dropped me a line to let me know about this huge skatepark planned to go underneath the highway access ramps. Plenty reason to jet back to New England while the weather is still nice. Boston is getting real bad-ass.

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About Glamour, over at the New York Times’ T:Style Magazine. Perhaps it is time to expand upong the Luxury project?

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There is usually good stuff over at MSN’s week in pictures. ++++

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The new Grand Theft Audio – San Andreas looks to be an amazing sprawl of a gaming experience. It will cover California from San Diego to San Franciso, and you can simply drive all over it of course. Well, and then there is the car-jacking. ++++

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I laughed until I cried. Overheard in New York. I think I saw this linked at Probably.

Here is one:

Taco Bell Lady: 1 Beef Burrito.

Customer: As in 296? Is that order 296?

Taco Bell Lady: Yeah.

Customer: Are you sure? I don’t want to take someone else’s.

Taco Bell Lady: Uh huh.

Customer [under his breath]: Do you know where you are?

–Taco Bell, West Village