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Jon Racek dropped us a line from his current post in Australia to point out that his fancy furniture making venture, Stew, has a place online. Its got some fresh graphics, and examples of the insane layered plywood furniture he must spend all of his waking time making. Go and check it out. stew

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Maquina Photo Good. (link seen at k10k, yes.) Maquina 2003

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The ability to download large files, thanks to DSL and Kazaa, has caused alot of wasted time hunting down obscure video clips and the like here at Rise. This has allowed my (re)discovery of the brilliance of Duran Duran’s 80’s music video’s, especially the ones scripted to be short films set to music ala Union of the Snake, Rio, and the bizarre View to a Kill – featuring creative editing of James Bond footage (the song was the movie’s opening track) with the glam boys cut in. Check out descriptions here: Duran Duran And don’t miss the extended version of Girls on Film if you can find it on Kazaa. Read about that one here: Girls

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Also, we are updating our Reviews section, culling through documentation of shows over the past year. Check back often. The 2002 Otis BFA show is up now. More to come soon….

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Check out photos from the Feb. 15th Anti War march in Hollywood. (Click on the projects link.)

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Check out these videos from Ruben.FM, especially the first one there from DJ Format – great beats, hilarious video. Thanks to Micah for the tip.

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Some new superfunk from The Designers Republic – Latent Utopias Exhibit in Collaboration with SVA. To view: Nav to Archive, Exhibits, Latent Utopias. Oh, and the TDR website absolutely rocks. The Designers Republic Dot Com

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Jeremy, the posters on these sites are great!

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Amy (Robinson) and I just got back from the Anti War march/rally in Hollywood. What an enormous and amazing event! I am overwhelmed by the fact that this has occurred all over the world today. Even if the Bush administration doesn’t listen, we attempted to make our opinions heard, and that is an important effort.

Will post photos soon.

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Going to a Peace Demonstration? Perhaps you would need some posters. Here are some I could find out there on the web:




Wake the World

Also, take a look at some of the posters on view at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, anti-war posters from other major problems the US has played a role in.

Track 16