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So this complex got torn down for a new Shaws supermarket in our town. I was a thirteen acre site of old mill buildings along a historic section of the riverfront, mostly in disrepair, but many being lived in/squatted by a vibrant group of artists known in town as Fort Thunder. They have photos of what their space used to look like. The photos speak for themselves. Before it was torn down, they managed to get into Nest and ArtForum, and a group from there known as ForceField was in the Whitney Bienniel. It didn’t go down without a fight, but it was doomed from the beginning, as the city saw the area as derelict. We managed to convince the developers to save two or three buildings on the site, but it was hard to get them to do that. I guess my point is look really hard at something that seems derelict to see its inner life before you lose it.

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Been working for this guy lately.. well, just for the week. Check out one of his projects here…Doug Aitken

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So this is what Jazzercise is. Know I know. Jazzercise – What is Jazzercise? Down the page check out the basic movements. I don’t know why I find this interesting.

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On the light humor tip, this one wins awards for the oddest and most self-effacing url name: Joss is a hottie

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A Blog from inside Bagdad – a clear point of view about what is actually going on, and the effect it is having on people living in Iraq. Definitely read and them come back to it to read more. Where is Raed ?

Link from Archinect

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Here’s another funny one. I loved the transformers when I was a kid, but I didn’t make love to them and then change my name…

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Wow.. got a minute? Watch/read/listen to this. BECKETT’S_BOUNCE

There is more of it here///// at Young-Hae Change Heavy Industries. Nice stuff.

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Added some of Rise Industries art products to my portolio section.. under members then jeremy quinn. Or click here ::: to be taken there ASAP. More to come soon, as I have more work documented, but I wanted to get these out there in a timely fashion.

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Hey J, how did you come across that? Its brilliant!

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Participate in a peace poster competition anyone? Sounds like a good idea to me, as it seems the design community hasn’t really made clear a stance on the imminent war.