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Hi. Been awhile. Sorry. Here is something to lighten your mood, and perhaps make you think: can a guy who spins really be that bad? or is photoshop just that good?

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Hmm…not a bad idea: Vote to Impeach Bush!

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Last week we took in a talk by Tijuana based art/architecture/graphic design collective Torolab as part of Otis College’s visiting artist series. Fantastic work, super amibitous, and quite nice; they warned us that the website is out of date, but its pretty damn ok to me. Check them out a bit there. Keep an eye out for their T-Shirts as well – sold all over from TJ to San Fran to Tokyo. TOROLAB

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Parkour commericals, for when the french people jump about and make funny narration and I enjoy. Le Parkour’s TV Spots

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In the spirit of Fluxus, DO IT TV has artist videos and instuctions for artworks to be uploaded by online viewers/participants. This is an interesting project curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist featuring Yoko Ono, Pipilotti Rist, Ilya Kabakov and the like. Check it out.

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Beastie Boys, while working on their new alubm, have posted a free track – a statement against war in iraq. Get it here >>

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Oops. Twice.

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Now this I like – a samples and references list for the Beastie Boys album Paul’s Boutique.. need to find out just where that disco synth line came from? Check here. I have a feeling this will send me over to Kazaa to get busy with the funk downloads. Paul’s Boutique

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Today I have several students at Otis who have cancelled their appointments with me to join the anti-war walk out. It is about time that we have some student protests against this possible war with Iraq. Most of the time I feel my students are too apathetic about world issues. For those who don’t know Otis is near LAX, one of the largest airports in the country, so they are hoping that this highly visible, heavy traffic area will get their message out.

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In a bizarre example of the abstract nature of our concept of time, Venezuela loses 14 plus hours over the past year as time slows down. One country loses time