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For all you Halloweenies out there, he’s a cool site on the nearby Danvers State Hospital, with links at the bottom to contributers ghost stories and images.

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I posted photos from out epic trip up north to Big Sur last weekend. They are under the Flickr link on the sidebar. Watch out for the GIANT SPIDER! AHH.

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yeah! nice good free paper folded toys at +++ from the kids at FWIS. Hot.

Also, this paper delorean rocks. I am going to make a full-scale one and tape it over my car. Maybe.

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The svelte and fabulous Tim Devin dropped me a line today because his Boston Typewriter Orchestra has a shiny new web page where you can learn all about them and find their next gig. I wish Boston was adjacent to LA so I wouldnt miss the show this Friday. Keep an eye on them, they will be Typewriter rock stars soon enough.


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So I am slowly learning how to hack Google Maps to make a new level of navigation for ArtInRuins… check it out. And for really accurate lat and long coordinates, take a look at

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Does everyone know about this, because if not, every artists should.

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This is ridiculous. Absolutely unnecessary. Also, I didn’t know that 9mph was “green diesel technology“.

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Great photos from the slums of a model train layout – built and shot by Peter Feigenbaum. It takes a lot of work to get a model to look that run down and realistic.

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This collection of Ridiculous Sax Solos from the 80’s is fantastic. But, where are the Pink Floyd solos from A Momentary Lapse of Reason? Via TMN

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A team from Stanford with a souped-up VW Toureg won the Darpa Grand Challenge Race.. that is their robot car drove 132 miles across the desert with no human pilot or controller. Its took just under 7 hours. Of course, since the contest is Military sponsored, now they own the technology and will likely use it to kill people. Oh well. Maximum Overdrive anyone?