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Lots of good items collected at The Morning News this morning, so just go there and read all their news. I have work to do. +++

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One in twelve slope. ++++

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YES! PLEASE! l u x x u r y

No, not a spin-off of my thesis project, just a band with some style who want to sound like “the new New Order + PIL”. I think that is a pretty good goal. Also – the background image for their song list… sweet.

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I like tiger magazine, and now they have a new issue. How very nice for us all. TIGER

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No one makes it to Burning Man Festival…++++

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Grave Robbers From Outer Space ::::::

Sick of the same 10 songs you hear over and over on the radio? Well, there are many cool songs at SongFight this week. Check ’em out and vote for your fave. Enjoy the random and obscure samples in State Shirt’s rendition of “Space Cadet.” Listen here.

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Tonight! Video screening at Gallery 825 film and video night – starts at 8pm, so get there a bit before to secure parking.

825 La Cienega Blvd, just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

The Poetics of Place

a group show of video and film work from across the globe that involve the exploration of space and location

Hugh Watt — Threshold

Carol Lafayette — Scenes from Crusoe

Katarina Stankovic — Calliope

Jeremy Quinn (Rise Industries) — Repetition, Traveling to Infinity

Sarah Rushford — temperance, transcription

Aaron Valdez (film) — Hallway, Variations on Cannonball, Throwing Stones at the Sun

Gallery 825 for more info.

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Friend and co-worker Sven recently came back from a 4×4 trek around the country – doing a bit of offroad rock crawling and seeing the country back road style from a tweaked Jeep Cherokee. Check out the map of their 6 month journey for a feel of the scope. He says he only rolled the Jeep once – not too shabby! ++++

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A new graphics based search engine called kartoo is pretty cool. Shows relationships between the items shown via proximity on the page, and heirarchy (relevance) by size. A step in the right direction. Now make it 3d, with more info charted visually, and hire a decent designer to do the graphics and layout, and you got a winner.

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The US Military Launches Punk Ska Band Upon Unsuspecting Iraqi Saddam Loyaylists. Almost. ++++: “The assault — dubbed Operation Ivy Lightning — is the largest coalition deployment in the region since the end of major combat in the Iraqi war on May 1″

Actually, given the history of the name – once a code word for nuclear testing in the 50’s, that is a bit scary