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Nate’s band, Earthworm Justice, makes the news back east. If you are on that side of the world – go check out their record release party tomorrow at 10 p.m. at Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse, 218 Moody St. (Waltham MA. I believe). More info at their website ++++

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ps. the Hidden Wars website seems to be down right now. Try it again later.

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Video 825 tonight is screening the documentary “Hidden Wars of Desert Storm” – A 60 minute video-documentary on the (1st) Gulf War & embargo over Iraq. See the LAAA website

++++ and the makers website ++++ for more info.

Show starts at 8:00, Gallery 825 is at 825 La Cienega Blvd, just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

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Is Dating the new pseudo-science? Read this for shocking facts and complicated proofs; and if you are so inclined, take their “Soulmate Calculator” to show how impossible your chances are of ever finding a soulmate (without their help, of course). I hate that word. Soulmate. Soulmate.

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Ethan’s Bio is now up – clink on People and then on him. Now you can run background checks on him!

I am going to the valley-ish area for a Bar-B-Que. Gonna be way too fucking hot I can tell you right now. I hope the pool has a diving board.

Also, we went to Bank Gallery downtown last night. Can I tell you again that they rule? I got to play both Pole Position and Vice City in there, but missed out on Rez cuz of the wait. More good video art too, we will post photos in due time.

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Wow, sometimes technology is way cool. Get a phone call automatically anytime an aurora appears over your hometown. ++++

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Feeling loopy? The evolution of loop-based music explained in the Birth of Loop and the Loopography.

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A story about the play about the story of the original residents and proposed public housing developement of Chavez Ravine – which was then shelved in order to build the stadium, and all of the residents were of course displaced. City politics generally follow the path of the most money. ++++

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Perhaps when (oh, I mean if) they tear down Dodger Stadium, they will put back the low income housing that was supposed to built there way back before baseball came to the Chavez Ravine. ++++

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Ok, so there is an affordable housing shortage in Los Angeles. Leave it to our friends at Washington Mutual to solve that with 2800 acre luxury housing development. ++++