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John is gone..

Today we mourn the loss of car maker extraordinaire, John Delorean. Forget about Back to the Future for just a minute, and take a look at that car.

Original Brochure

My Favorite photo, with plane and those three people, what are they up to?

In Gold, if you like.


Interior drawing.

OH, and don’t forget:

“While at GM, he created what some consider the first “muscle car” in 1964 by cramming a V-8 engine into a Pontiac Tempest and calling it the GTO, fondly dubbed the “Goat” by auto enthusiasts.”

See the article at Salon

The GTO, also in Gold, though its just paint on this one.

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I finished a new song this weekend, a folksy track I wrote based on some field recording I did in New York City. This one is about a girl I may have glimpsed while walking in the rain, and our possible life together.

While In New York.

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Hello all… even though this is a blog of both coasts, i feel I would be remiss to not mention this. The Dunlop Tire building, off Allans Ave, is redeveloped, yes, but I found out what they are up to. Owner Pat Conley has signed to let a group called PCIS sublease the space to artists for work only spaces, for about $6.00 a sq foot (per year). Expect amazing views of the bay, and wide open semi-private spaces, as well as non-profit office space. Check out the AIR page for contact info.

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Did you need to know that this existed? The Pirate Image Archive.

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In celebration of St. Patricks day this Thursday, the Onion brings you a concise history of Ireland… ++++

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The independant engineer hired to look into leaks in Boston’s Big Dig says he can no longer vouch for its safety. Um, this seems to be a really really big problem guys. Maybe you want to look into that one a bit more. +++

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Thanks to everyone who made it out for the party in Michele’s honor this weekend. She feels wicked old now. Also a Happy Birtday to Josh, Sameena, Uschka, Mrs. Devin and the mack daddy himself Mr. Lew Q. Enjoy!


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Testing the blog by email function

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Michele and I went to the Hammer Museum out in Westwood last night to see Matthew Barney speak.. unbelievable crowd just to get in the lecture hall. We actually had to become members of the museum just to get a better chance at getting inside, which worked. The best thing, though, was that instead of just getting up and talking about his work he screened his new 1-hour video about the myths surrounding Brazilian Carnival – shot on a float he made for Carnival during the procession. It was gorgeous. The float itself was made out of a huge deforestation tractor – it pulls trees out of the ground by the trunk.

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“Architecture changes you without you realizing. It influences your mood and alters your state of mind, simply with the space around you. By being aware of architecture, you can better appreciate it and understand the way it impacts you. Just like Absolut — by knowing that it’s continuously distilled, you can savor Absolut’s smoothness and purity.”

(from an ad for Absolut Vodka I got in my email today)