Let's Change the Change or Change!

posted by on 2008.02.05, under Uncategorized

Alright! I’m going to go out there and VOTING FOR CHANGE this morning! Of course, that means I could be voting for McCain, or Hilary, or Romney, or Obama, or Huckabee (well, actually hell no).
The change all of these big party candidates are offering is like changing channels on the television, and what I am really looking for is more on the scale of turning off the TV and picking up a book, or better yet going outside.
Still, some of their messages are better than others, so hopefully this year we can at least make some change in which network we will all be watching. We will still get the same types of programs, the same major companies supporting them. Let’s say I want to vote for PBS… is there a candidate that fits that profile?

Not to overuse that crappy metaphor or anything.

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