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This Friday, the elusive February 29th (a Friday), I am doing an audio performance at Dangerous Curve gallery in downtown LA (in the Arts District). It is a collaboration with Mike Feldman and Ethan Tufts.

The performance begins at 8pm, we will go on around 9-ish. They charge a sliding scale, from $7 to $10.
They are located near where 4th street crosses the LA river – right near my loft if you know where that is. It’s a couple of blocks east of Alameda. Its all made clear on their website.


Jeremy Quinn – Guitar, delay
Michael Feldman – Keyboards/synth
Ethan Tufts – Vocal, delay


This performance is a Fluxus inspired audio performance with live video documentation. It uses conditions and events at the immediate location of the gallery to form part of a score for three musicians. The musicians and the audience are remote from each other, as the audience remains in the gallery while the performers are stationed in the neighborhood itself. The audience gets to hear a version of the local life around them, translated through musical reactions to normal events taking place outside. It is in essence a score based upon the daily life of the neighborhood.

Also performing that night will be


And Danny Holt

For info, location, directions see Dangerous Curve

Dangerous Curve
1020 E Fourth Place
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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