Fluids: a happening by Allan Kaprow

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This past Saturday Jerri Allyn and I coordinated the recreation of Fluids: A Happening by Allan Kaprow. In conjunction with the exhibition Allan Kaprow – Art as Life at MOCA, LACMA organized this recreation at several sites throughout the LA area. The project was supported in part by an in-kind donation from the Union Ice Company (which rocks!) and by generous support from the Getty Foundation. The original happening occurred in 1967 as part of Kaprow’s exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of Art. Our recreation at the Westchester Park was completed in just over 2 hours and lasted untill about 2:50 when the west facing wall fell. The whole structure collapsed shortly after 3:30, just as the LA Art Girls were placing ice from Fluids sites at the Getty, Rios Clementi Hale Studios/notNeutral and A Place Called Home. See more photos here.

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