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“I practically breastfed Robert Rauschenberg!”

Awesome quote from some curator guy in New York, via my friend Sarah. This was said back in late 90’s. Wish I could remember his name.


It was actually Billy Kluver, who said that to Sarah Rushford when she was awarded a residency at his studio. He was an engineer and a big supporter of early video art. In 1966 he and Rauschenberg produced Nine Evenings: Theater and Engineering at the Armory in NYC.

michele ( May 16, 2008 at 1:35 am )

It was Billy Kluver, thanks Michele. When I finished undergrad I entered everything I could find on the artdeadlines list.In a few weeks, Billy Kluver left a cryptic, scratchy message on our answering machine saying “Sarah Rushford, you have access.” and then mumbled a telephone number. Later when I called them I realized what I had won. I was pretty clueless as to who I even sent the work to. But I soon learned what important forces he and Julie Martin were in the forming of multimedia art.They were so cool to choose my student work.They continued to support me when I was in NYC, I’ve lost touch now though.Billy died a few years ago. Moral of the story. Get in touch with Experiments in Art and Technology if possible, and, comb through artdeadlines, enter everything possible, and something is bound to happen. Also, Join Rise industries.

sarah ( May 16, 2008 at 8:09 pm )