astral projections at 11:08 pm tonight (EST)

posted by on 2008.06.27, under Uncategorized

David Horvitz’s proposal for EGOESDAYGLO reminded me of an event during my last year of college: I was home alone, scrubbing our kitchen floor on my hands and knees. When I went to wash out the bucket in the utility sink in the corner studio that overlooked the entry to the apartment, I saw Colleen come up the stairs. She looked up, waved and said “hello” then went into her room. I assumed she was going to pack, as she would be moving back in with her parents soon. Later that evening when I was having dinner with my other roommates they asked if colleen had come by that day. I told them, “yeah, but she wasn’t here for very long and left without saying goodbye.” When we spoke to Colleen later that night, she said she was at her parents house all day. We joked that she must have astral projected herself when she was taking a nap, or that I was hallucinating from the cleaning product fumes. Either way – it was creepy.

David, good luck with your poetic efforts.

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