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I go this email from my friend Josh today:

“We were thinking last night Obama’s electoral college margin of victory was looking pretty impressive, and given the last couple of elections it is obviously is. But I found this site that shows all the presidential electoral returns in our country’s history, and really Obama’s margin probably doesn’t even rank in the top third (I didn’t do the math). You only have to go back to Reagan v Mondale to find near unimaginable dominance, a 525 to 13 walloping! The biggest margin of victory I found, though, goes to FDR in 1936 over Alfred Landon (You remember him right? With the beard? And the thing?) 523 to 8 (remember Alaska and Hawaii’s 7 votes weren’t available as they were just territories then)! Jefferson also had a landslide victory back in the day (1804), as well as an electoral tie (1800) with Aaron Burr! Cool stuff.

Happy New Paradigm, everyone!

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