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In other news, there is some new content hiding here and there in the site… under the featured Cover Garments project I have finally posted the final renderings – although the model pictures are not up yet. Also, there is a project by artist Michele Jaquis above – click on the image of the table. You may have seen this installed at an exhibition put together by a studio in the MR+D program at SCI-Arc last spring.

If you have not been to the Hatch Gallery (Los Angeles) lately, or at all for that matter, there is a great show up right now called The Backyard Show. Drop by some evening, or on the weekend, and see if the door is open (I am not sure of their hours at the moment). Tell Chris I said Hi. They are located at the corner of Venice Blvd. and Sawtelle, just west of the 405 freeway overpass. I hope to have some time to write a review of this show soon, with photos, so watch for it.

Should be bringing a few more things online soon, and getting more info to you about goings on at SCI-Arc as it happens.

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