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So, yesterday I thought my apartment building had been hit by a truck. When the sensation failed to end immediately, I realized it was an earthquake. Four-point-two on the richter scale, centered only a few miles away. That’s pretty small for a quake. It’s a very strange sensation…. so far in my two and a half years in LA I have felt three of them. One large and rolling, like a ship, one sharp and sudden – gone before I realized what is was. This one was sharp too, but lasted a few seconds. Enough time to run outside, to feel the house racking, to see a couple of photographs tumble to the floor. It is interesting to live in a place where the solidity of the earth is not something you can simply take for granted. Well, most of the time you do – but then you are reminded that it is really more of a fluild system. It’s going to move sometime, and everything is just going to have to fall down. Maybe that is what helps LA keep an attitude of constant change, of being only temporary. It is sort of like bringing the concept of the ocean to the land. The idea of a body so large and powerful, so out of scale that any single person simply does not register in front of it. You don’t fuck around with the ocean, ask any sailor. Here, the ground can command that sort of respect as well. Buildings better respect those tectonic plates, or they’ll just fuck that shit up in no time.

Ok. Some important upcoming events:

Opening on Thursday September 13th, from 5-10 pm at Art Share,

A show featuring artist Mike Bullas, and two exhibitions – “Articulating Space, Student Design Competition” and a group show “Engaging Materialism” which will feature two works from Rise Ind. member Michele Jaquis.

Art Share is at 801 E. 4th Pl. in downtown LA, I looked for a map on their site, but didn’t find one. You could look too if you want. Over here.

Also coming up this week, “What’s Shakin’: New Architecture in LA” at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary. The members opening will take place on Saturday September 15th at 7:00 pm.

In conjunction with this show, SCI-Arc will be having a building opening event in its new home downtown at the Freightyard. A shuttle bus will take visitors from the Geffen to SCI-Arc. The SCI-Arc event happens at 8:00 pm and is open to all.

Check the MOCA website for more information and directions…. here.

I hope y’all can make it to these shows, I know for a fact that SCI-Arc can throw a decent party…

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