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Am recuperating from Thesis Presentations this past weekend – a re-presentation of proposals, development of methodology, and presentation of research/work accomplished so far. I will put a transcription of the Luxury Project review up as soon as I can type one out as well as a web version of the ideas presented.

Some interesting underlying currents seem to be guiding several projects – an interest in affect, focus on the effects of architecture rather than pure tectonics (both here can reference the Baroque), an examination of the gap between architecural ideas and the finished built product – in terms of the problems inherent in the standards of translation, namely working drawings and their conventions, an interest in the design of neutrality – in stark contrast to the super-flashy manipulation of form (see Guggenheim Bilbao). Anyway, this if just an observation of a few exciting ideas that kept surfacing during several reviews… it should be interesting to see what develops from here. The academic world of architecture could sure use a few new avenues to explore.

Coming up this weekend – on saturday – will be The Daily Circus. Another LAtch event, the Daily Circus will feature art and performances by a slew of LA based artists and musicians, including an installation by Michele Jaquis and myself and an onslaught of improvisational music I will also pitch in for. This event looks to be bigger (and maybe more organized judging by the advertising for it) than the previous ones. More info will be posted here soon.

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