posted by on 2003.01.16, under Uncategorized

Thesis is over, so hopefully things will start getting back up to speed here at Rise. Lots of things going on, including the documentation of the second half of the Luxury project (if you go take a peek at it, you will notice it drops off at mid-review), and a slew of art works that could also be documented for your viewing pleasure. For now, we are on a regimen of rest, cocktails, and biking along the beach in order to ease comfortably into the real world. So keep an eye out here for some more stuff, and hopefully a member expansion to get info flowing in from all over. I would say to drop in at SCI-Arc to check out the Luxury project presentation, but I am going to start taking it down tonight, so you will most likely miss it. It will be up here eventually though.

There is no feeling like not being a grad student anymore, its almost worth the whole ordeal just to feel this free and rested. Though, I am not sure the bill is going to seem even remotely justifiable.

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