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Here’s a fun body experiment you and your significant other can perform… Get a piece of paper and tape it to the door of your bathroom (you’ll understand later) at about face height. Right before you go to bed, try to make a mark of your height on the paper. This is where your significant other can help out. And then mark the other’s height. Label the marks with your name and “PM”. Go to sleep.
As soon as you wake up, mark your height again (see? you’ll thank me for the bathroom door thing). Notice how you’ve grown while sleeping. Label it with name and “AM” if you want to be fancy.
As you have probably figured out, your spine collapses during the day, and stretches back out at night. It’s kinda wierd how much, though. My height varied by a full inch, maybe inch and an eighth. And by noon, I had already shrunk by a quarter inch. Funny body tricks…

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