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So, as perhaps so one has noticed since I don’t post all that regularly anyway, I have been busy lately. I am an official member of the tax-paying general public once again, having taken a post at Boto design in Santa Monica (yep, I have been here before, check out the project I did for them back in ’99 under my member section). So now I have an income once again, a place to go from 9 to 7 every day other than the racetrack, and a nice parking space under the building for when I want to go out to a movie on 3rd street and am running late.

Also keeping me busy is the ongoing project for Progressive Beverages, which is nearing the end of schematic design and will go into CD’s and then, very quickly, construction. I will post some of the sketches for that as soon as I touch em up a bit.

So. Thats whats up.

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