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So – as you can tell, we haven’t really been putting up alot of content over here lately. For most of 2003 in fact we have been a bit slow on the internet uptake – not that we are not busy working day and night mind you – we just don’t always have the time to get it over to the web (and some of my projects lately haven’t been the sort of thing you post anyway – who wants to see construction docs for a house online? Not me. We’ll, one of our projects in 2004 is to change all that. So what are we up to now? Well – I jut put up one thing I am doing over at the ‘ol day job Boto Design. Its a nifty little house in Palm Springs. Click over to Projects and check it out.

More to come of course.

And if you didn’t know, this very night down at The Office in Huntington Beach our good friend and co-conspirator Amy Robinson is showing along with her friend Rebecca Potts from Brooklyn.

They have collaborated on a show called Paradise Lost and Found which they tell me will rock yer socks off.

Opening is Saturday, January 10th, from 6 to 9pm (yeah, tonight).

The Office

An Art space

5122 Bolsa Ave. Suite #110

Huntington Beach, Ca 92649

Phone: 714-767-5861

Hope to see you there.

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