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At a kick-off event for the Los Angeles Artist’s Gun Club (yes, that is correct) I fired this thing here with much success. First two shots, dead center on the target. So I guess artists can be dangerous after all. Though it was not exactly all fun and games.. in fact, it kinda scared the shit out of me. Handling one of these thing really makes you understand how dangerous they are – and how very easy they are to fire. Very scary, but exhilarating at the same time. Much, much louder than you might think too.

This shooting range outing, put together by Jeff Cain, is part of LACE’s Civic Matters exhibition and artist exchange. So there were a gang of Swedish artists there, shooting things as well. I will alert you when the photos are up, they are a must see.

I’m gonna give a link to the Los Angeles Gun Club here as well, they were very nice, very helpful, and stocked with all kinds of dirty harry revolvers if you want to try one (I stayed away from that for now, looks heavy).

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