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Thanks to everyone who came out to our open studio last week, we had a lot of visitors and a great time in general. For all of you who somehow missed it (like, you must have missed your plane from Logan or something and we are sorry if that is the case but if so hopefully you spent the day at the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution or something and everything is cool) – here are some photos from late in the day, and some images of the little print demo we ended up doing. Metallic inks on green origami paper are super cool BTW.

Rosalyn Myles came by for the day, with her collage works, fabric dolls and various pillow items. Catherine Garrison also came by and ran the printing table, which continued all day. Rise member Mike Feldman stopped in for a while and did some printing as well.

Jeremy’s CDs, DVDs, photos and RV cards (those last coming soon to the Rise Online shop)

Jeremy studio with posters, Interlopers series and “Transference”, sound installation

Michele studio, The Storm video playing on her computer, passport project and family/identity based projects on wall.

Sitting around the printing table after the open studio.

Some of our prints:

This one may form the basis for a metal grille cover soon.

Had a tough time with the gold leafing..

Powder blue on kraft paper was a big hit.

Mike put some filth on our dental floss. Awesome.

Michele made a great border, suitable for diplomas and other such official paperworks.

Some of Rosalyn Myles’ collage work

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