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In my email inbox today:

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, with the following degrees, here\’s
how much you can expect to make in your lifetime:

High School Diploma: $1,900,500
Bachelor\’s Degree: $2,700,600
Master\’s Degree: $2,200,800
Doctorate: $4,200,900 “

Wonder why my Master/’s (sic) degree cuts my lifetime income by $499,800? That totally sucks man. Assuming I live to 92, that’s like 8,330 less bucks a year. Shit.

Maybe I should get a doctorate in something, I could use the extra $2,000,100 a year that’s going to bring in. Doesn’t specify say what to study, so I can study Internet Statistical Numerology. Watch for some emails like this from me in three years or so then.

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