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A couple of weeks ago my friend Mike Feldman came over with a huge bag of audio gear, and I took out all the analogue sound-making things I could find around the house, and we dumped it all on my desk. Then we grabbed a nice shotgun mic that is on loan to us, and proceeded to record a lot of sounds. We did a mix (well, Mike mostly mixed it while I watched and had him move a few things around). And here it is. It’s got some guitar, bamboo flute, glass vases blown across the top, singing bowls, steel chime balls, a folk hand-piano thing (I don’t really know what to call it), an ice-skating 45 on my Fisher Price record player, computer keyboard, mouth harp.. I don’t remember what else. Oh, and sounds from the camera as it takes the photos shown here. That is the only non-acoustic part I guess, is a digital camera an electric instrument? It was a whole lot of fun, and is about 10 minutes long. I recommend headphones, as there are a lot of little fun sounds in there.

Sounds from the Afternoon

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