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“Not a wine in the world will go with salad,” Mr. McInerney said. “Which is why I basically don’t eat salad, except maybe at lunch sometimes. A salad for me is just a waste of an opportunity to have a good wine instead.”

“Next up was the first main course: squirrel pot pies in little ramekins, with tiny rabbit Wellingtons on the side. “Not just squirrel,” Mr. Rinella said, introducing the dish. “Brooklyn squirrel — the thinking man’s chicken.”

Great article
about Steven Rinella’s “The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine”, and a little dinner party he had. The point of it all seems to be getting re-connected to our food sources, instead of just imagining it all come out of a giant food factory somewhere. So, why don’t you go hunt down some squirrely squirrels and cook ’em up?

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