You hold it in your mind all the time. Artists Talk and Closing Reception.

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You hold it in your mind all the time. Artists Talk and Closing Reception.
Saturday, September 24 · 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Art At 12
12 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA

Join us for an artists talk about this exhibition of experimental work about physicality and perception. Artists: Michele Jaquis, Heidi Kayser, Jeremy J. Quinn, Sarah Rushford, Marguerite White, Tom Wojciechowski.

The exhibition includes projected and monitor based video, sculpture, drawing and photography that takes an experimental, scientific, or analytic approach to the investigation of the mysterious nature of somatic knowledge.

See the exhibition announcement and press release for more info

You hold it in your mind all the time.

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Rise is excited to announce the opening of “You hold it in your mind all the time.” An exhibition about physicality and perception that includes multimedia works by Michele Jaquis, Jeremy J. Quinn and Sarah Rushford of Rise Industries as well as Boston artists Heidi Kayser, Marguerite White, and Tom Wojciechowski.

We would be so happy to see you at the opening on August 11 or the artist talk on Sept 24. Or stop in during gallery hours of course!

(Please note the change in the artist talk date from the printed postcard, which says Saturday Sept 15 )

You hold it in your mind all the time.
An exhibition of experimental work about physicality and perception.

August 11 – September 30, 2011

Michele Jaquis
Heidi Kayser
Jeremy J. Quinn
Sarah Rushford
Marguerite White
Tom Wojciechowski

Reception: Thursday August 11, 2011 5:00-8:00 pm
Artists Talk/Closing Reception: Saturday September 24 2:00pm

Art at 12
12 Farnsworth Sreet
Boston MA 02210
617 423 1100

Art at 12 Gallery Hours
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-4pm, Sunday by chance

Art at 12 Gallery presents You hold it in your mind all the time, an exhibition of multidisciplinary work by Boston artists Heidi Kayser, Sarah Rushford, Marguerite White, and Tom Wojciechowski and Los Angeles artists Michele Jaquis and Jeremy J. Quinn. The show dates are August 11 – September 30, 2011, with an opening reception on August 11th and an artist talk and closing reception on September 24th. The exhibition includes projected and monitor based video, sculpture, drawing and photography that takes an experimental, scientific, or analytic approach to the investigation of the mysterious nature of somatic knowledge.

Informed by philosphy, narrative, and neurobiology, You hold it in your mind all the time expresses and questions the folded duality of the self; the notion that the body is our infinitely personal, private selfhood, and is also a physical object in the outside world. Art theorist Gabriele Brandstetter writes of this strange doubleness “The body is a being of two leaves; from one side a thing among things and otherwise what sees and touches them.”

Heidi Kayser’s sculpture Spanning the Rift is a suspension bridge made of eyeglasses which, Kayser states,“addresses the internally confounding problem of time and helps extend perception by closing the distance between looking back and looking forward.”

Michele Jaquis’s Until I Can Speak my Mind is a short film that was inspired by a recurring dream that both the artist and her twin sister have had in which the artist is chewing bubble gum which she then spits it into her hand, only to find in the next shot that the gum is still there and is getting bigger.

Jeremy Quinn’s What Holds Us Together is a video projection that depicts the Brooklyn Bridge with its middle section conspicuously missing, while the view into Manhattan (the World Trade Center towers missing) remains intact. Traffic seems to pass into and out of a charged void that separates the two sides of the bridge in this commentary on emptiness and separation.

Sarah Rushford’s Quickening is an interactive installation. Viewers reach into a box that contains a green apple and a live video feed of their hand is mixed with a recorded video of another hand touching the apple. Viewers report feeling a strange a ghostly presence as the two images mix.

Marguerite White’s Cargo Cult is a shadow theatre constructed with cut paper and simple light
projections. This surreal narrative is a reflection on the power of visual memory and the subjective nature of physical perception.

Also included are large scale abstract landscape photographs by Tom Wojciechowski, in which familiar objects—a hand, a landscape, set up a perceptual conundrum and create a space that can’t or shouldn’t exist.

You hold it in your mind all the time illuminates a diversity of multidisciplinary contemporary art practice to suggest that what may seem to be private, even mysterious somatic experiences are actually shared perceptions that might be articulated.

A wrap-up of Sarah’s Time with Rise at ICI


Here are a few more photos and info about what Rise Industries was up to on Day 6-7 of the ICI Residency. Today, Friday, is the final install day for the exhibition, and Jeremy, Michele, Mike, and John are still at ICI, but I’ve returned to Boston, and already miss it!

These two photos above,  are from the filmstrip The Air About Us; a 1959 filmstrip for grammar school students, about a range of ideas relating to air and air pressure. The slides are beautifully photographed, oddly diagrammatic and some with the same awkward humor you see in those above. The filmstrip, which I watched without audio, has a wierd tonal contrast between pedagogy and poetry, science and spirituality.  It’s an experimental text and image work in itself.

I discovered what I thought was the empty filmstrip canister on my first day at ICI. A photo of the title on top of the canister  is featured in exhibition. But, because it’s such a short filmstrip, it was actually clinging so close to the sides of its canister that  I really thought the canister was empty. The last day I was there, I happened to open the canister again and realized the film had been there all along…

The Air About Us , the phrase alone  relates to the work we did during the residency. The air about us could be the representation of  distance using two dimensions; the uncanny quality of our 3d stereographic portraits. The air about us could be the cultural distance that travel photography can put between the subject and photographer. Or, it could be about misrepresentations of sizes and distances of continents in global projection maps.  It could also be about the contrast of closeness and distance we encounter in video chatting. Also, the air about us, is about us; Rise Industries. It’s about our personal relationships and histories and the roles we organically adopt within the collaborative, and challenges we face as we make art as a collaborative with members on opposite coasts and more than one continent. Working with Rise at ICI was a fantastic experience and I want to thank Rise and ICI, so very much!

Michele Jaquis, Jeremy Quinn, and Sarah Rushford in the ICI Lab


Me video chatting with Boris Margolin in Boston, showing him around ICI. Time clock and multi-time zone punch card piece at the right.

John Kim and Michele Jaquis discussing conversion techniques for Pacific Standard Time to Metric Standard Time.

RIPT page

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So here is a post to tell you to click on the link in the sidebar >>> that says RIPT (on the page for those seeing this in FB). It has Tim’s brand new report on creative people and how they structure their time, and you should read it.
RIPT is a new feature, a series of reports that will come out from time to time on topics you need to know about!

Busy Lately…

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Things have been getting busy round the Rise Industries Studios West. In addition to some interesting freelance projects, and the continued saga of the furniture design venture, I have moved into a new workspace (Studio 1060! More about that later) and I am working on a new letterpress print, which I will be doing the printing for this time! Here is a teaser shot of it:

Also preparing to give a little artist talk and workshop at Otis. Will be showing some of my sound works and talking about my process for creating those, then doing a workshop on making contact mics. Should be a lot of fun. Maybe I will reenact that workshop and talk at the Rise Studios one of these days, if there is interest in that sort of thing.

Images from Rise Open Studio

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Thanks to everyone who came out to our open studio last week, we had a lot of visitors and a great time in general. For all of you who somehow missed it (like, you must have missed your plane from Logan or something and we are sorry if that is the case but if so hopefully you spent the day at the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution or something and everything is cool) – here are some photos from late in the day, and some images of the little print demo we ended up doing. Metallic inks on green origami paper are super cool BTW.

Rosalyn Myles came by for the day, with her collage works, fabric dolls and various pillow items. Catherine Garrison also came by and ran the printing table, which continued all day. Rise member Mike Feldman stopped in for a while and did some printing as well.

Jeremy’s CDs, DVDs, photos and RV cards (those last coming soon to the Rise Online shop)

Jeremy studio with posters, Interlopers series and “Transference”, sound installation

Michele studio, The Storm video playing on her computer, passport project and family/identity based projects on wall.

Sitting around the printing table after the open studio.

Some of our prints:

This one may form the basis for a metal grille cover soon.

Had a tough time with the gold leafing..

Powder blue on kraft paper was a big hit.

Mike put some filth on our dental floss. Awesome.

Michele made a great border, suitable for diplomas and other such official paperworks.

Some of Rosalyn Myles’ collage work

Open Studio August 14th

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Once again, Michele and I will be hosting an open studio at our lovely loft in the Arts District. This time, we will be surrounded by a festival-type atmosphere, as Bloomfest will be going on in the Arts District, and Nisei Week will be starting up in Little Tokyo – so there will be plenty to do when you get tired of perusing the local artist studios around the area. Though, it may make parking a sort of challenge.

I will have some sound installation/sculpture work I have been making lately on display, as well as some posters, CDs and cards (the RVs!) for sale. Michele’s recent work exploring language, translation, and family will be up and on some of our video monitors. We might even get down to some lino cut printing during the day, so maybe you can see us cut up and print some stuff in person.

On top of all that, our friend Rosalyn Myles will be there with some of her handcrafted fabric dolls and things for sale. So come on by, even if its just to chat and have a drink before exploring the festivals.

We are at:

837 Traction Ave. Suite 307. LA 90013 There is a call box outside to dial up on, and we will stick a sign on the sidewalk so you don’t miss us!

The open studio runs from 12-7 pm.

There is a handy map on the postcard as well.

LA Downtown Arts District Art Walk this Saturday

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Rise Industries (well, Jeremy and Michele at least) will be opening their studio for the Arts District Art Walk tomorrow from 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Stop by, have a drink or snack, and check out what we’ve been making. Prints, cards, CDs and DVDs will be for sale too. Download map here.

Enough with the hiatus already.

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Yeah, yeah. Vacation is over, Winter Winter (2+ feet of snow right before I left) has been traded for LA Winter (awesome out with a chance of rain.. actually pouring right now with I-kid-you-not a 2 foot deep lake around my parked car). Not working and not connected to teh internets (parents house was a 2-week internet black-out during which I read a lot) has been traded for working working working working, hopefully some of which will be billed at some kind of hourly rate, some of which will be traded for, uh, street cred(?) and some of which will be chalked up to well I was going to do that anyway so who cares if no one’s paying me for it.
So. Its already busy back at the Rise Studios, with Michele furiously editing a freelance video project in between Otis responsibilities, which I am supposedly going to review tomorrow for sound and further editing, me trying to make my way through several hundreds of pages of technical structural study guide so that I can pass that exam when the time comes, also while looking into all the nooks and crannies around Los Angeles for the mythical, aforementioned Work That Pays which when found will sustain the lifestyle of care-free-artist-architect-musician-designer that is after all how I roll. Oh, and I got some super-cool digital sensors in the mail today so that I can rig up some Sci-fi hi-tech bio interface thingy to some syth software (ala the Vivarium project). PLUS! Still need to put on my nerd goggles and solder up a kick-ass synth project that has been sitting on my desk mocking me for about three months now. That and a handful of little Radio Shack style kits that when assembled will allow me to sonically influence the outcomes of both past and future events. What else? Web design continues for my own site which is filling up with content and not yet really designed (that’s the half-assed version as it is, and might just stay that way). Hmm. I think I completely lost the flow of that sentence-paragraph there. But you get the idea.
So, lets just say Two Thousand and Ten is off to a helluva start, and check back in here shortly when I have some actual news to post out to ya.

Happy Holidays!

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RV-07 Xmas expanded