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Check out this Exhibtion of (mostly) interactive web projects over at Process. Beautiful! Cinema Redux shows images made by compressing an entire film into a series of pixel snap-shots to reveal patterns in editing style. Processing 1.0 _ALPHA_ >> Software

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A really cool use of flash… an expanding bunch of corporate boards and the people who sit on them… and the government jobs they hold, and the other companies’ boards they sit on… very cool, and scary. Simply, They Rule.

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Los Angeles vs. New York –GO!

(compare cities, from population to crime to number of starbucks. NY has almost twice that of LA, which I would never have thought.)

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Papal blessing for break-dancers Yeah, you heard right, the Pope finally caught up with the 80’s. Poppin and Lockin in the Vatican – when is Lionel Ritchie comin in to dance on the ceiling?

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Rise Industries will be screening a couple of videos (by Michele and myself) in the Quixotic Arts Festival – showing right about now in the Boston area at Chelsea TheatreWorks. Conceived and co-produced by Caleb Hammond, the festival features a revolving program of music, theater, dance, performance art, peotry, video and sound art. Check the web site for directions, and a partial list of participants. +++++

Runs January 22-25 & 29-31, Thurs thru Sat at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm. It is at 189 Winnisimmet St in Chelsea, MA. Admission 10 bucks, 6 if you are a student.

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In case you need to go get some furniture this weekend – take the handy Ikea Walkthu with you.. it has all you need to know about surviving your trip. ++++

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West Hollywood’s sculptural Pacific Design Center is to finally get its last piece – a red volume. If you aren’t familiar with this project, its an oddly beautiful complex of furniture showrooms which seem carved out of solid glossy colors rising above the low-rise neighborhood around it. Before I got out here to actually see it, I thought it was more Ceasar Pelli pomo-ish crap (from photos) – but in person its actually quite impressive.

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Hey, my brother’s friend made this song last night… it is destined to be a hit with the kids. And I quote, “Don’t come to me with your gimmie gimmie / I put you in the icebox”. Genius. Stick it on yer new mini-ipod and dance the night away.

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So this is cool… there is a tunnel being drilled under Providence right now, and barely anyone knew about it. Here is a link for a some photo slideshows that a painter took for a new series of underground tunnel paintings. +++

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Typo Results In 10,000-Acre Wyoming Skate Park