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I didn’t realize that Feng Shui had been outlawed in China since the 60’s..

“The 3,000-year-old practice of harmonizing buildings with nature was outlawed by Chairman Mao Zedong, father of Communist China, for its propensity for fraud. Feng shui masters still cannot get business licenses or advertise in China for the illegal activity considered superstitious.”

I did know this however:

“It’s a fake science,” Qinghua University Professor Che Zhihua told the Los Angeles Times. “It only makes money for some swindlers.”


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Red, deep red, sunrise this morning. Smoke in the air and ash on my car. Everything smells like a campfire. Thats an active fire season in LA. All this and I live about a 45 minute drive from the flames. It was 101 degress yesterday too, a bit cooler today as only the high 90’s are expected.

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Perhaps everyone should read Sharon Olds’ eloquent refusal to attend the National Book Festival in Washington D.C.

Nothing like a poet for saying what needs to be said.

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Bring ’em all down!
Why has Bush not been impeached yet? I have been asking myself this ever since he was not elected the first time.

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Ok, wait a minute… no one sees a problem with this? A halliburton subsidiary wins another no bid contract to rebuild the hurricane stricken gulf coast? Kellogg Brown and Root is now headed by Joe Allbaugh, who managed Bush’s campaign for Texas governor in 1994, served as Gov. Bush’s chief of staff and was the national campaign manager for the Bush campaign in 2000. Along with Karen Hughes and Karl Rove, Allbaugh was one of Bush’s closest advisers. What? So what the hell are we supposed to do to fight back?

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I really hope this is the beginning of something big.

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I have a few video works in Traffic, Exit Art’s Biennial show. If you are in New York, be sure to stop by and check it out. Looks like it is a massive show. It’s up from Oct. 01 – Dec. 23, with a reception Saturday the 1st from 7-10 pm.

Exit Art
Invite Flyer

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I’d like to welcome Solange to the Rise Industries/Art in Ruins blog. She is a friend of ours from LA, and will be posting news from around Europe, starting with Paris, as she travels.

Je souhaite que j’aie été là.

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Can’t wait to watch the Dylan documentary, No Direction Home, on KCET tonight. Its probably superflous to mention that no matter how much I love New Order, Black Sabbath, Super Furry Animals, or Death Cab for Cutie, he is the best songwriter, songplayer, guitar-strummer there ever was. Not virtuoso best but down to earth, feel life through the songs best.
But then, most everyone knows that.

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I am very excited to learn that there will be a Wallace and Gromit feature lenght movie soon. Oct 6th cant come soon enough.