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Some lists of songs in time signatures other than 4/4

here and here

Inspired by today’s McSweeney’s

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OK. All 130 of the Vegas photos are now up, but on the Flickr section instead of the Media Blog. Easier that way. Keep in mind they are all from my phone – so they have a lovely crappy burned out look to them.

Click over there on the sidebar on Flikr and they’ll pop right up fer ya. Enjoy!

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The new Freedom Tower (please, please change the name in the next round of revisions) gets unbelievably even more mundane

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omg, now I cant even go to the friggin beach…

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A small payback:

A Senator who supported the ruling allowing private land to be taken through eminent domain for the use of commercial interests faces possibly losing his own land under the same law. Seems a nice hotel on that spot would be a great public benefit.

(I might add that this seems more of a direct attack on that particular senator for supporting the ruling than the result of a developer with a hotel plan. But if they can get it done, I’ll contribute to the funding of the hotel…)

Now if we could get Congress members to enlist all their children in the armed forces, we could be heading for some real representational government.

Seen at Coudal.

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Need a new Target or Wal-Mart in your neighborhood? Just let your local government seize your home and property against your will!

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OK – Now photos from the roving camera phone will show up in the Media Blog (click on the sidebar button), and not this blog.. so stay posted. I will upload snaps from our vegas trip as we go..

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I used the Advertising Slogan Generator to create some hip new slogans for Rise..

how you like em?

America’s Most Trusted Rise Industries.

Tense, Nervous, Rise Industries?

Let Your Rise Industries Do The Walking.

Snap Into A Slim Rise Industries.

If You’ve Got the Time, We’ve Got the Rise Industries.

Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Rise Industries.

(I think you can see where this is going… but still, very nice.)

A Picture Share!

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Posting images from phone system now functional. Prepare yourselves for our Vegas trip. Excellent.

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SCI-Arc loses its battle for the right to buy the building it thought it was going to buy five years ago.. Moss says “We have a lease. We ain’t going anywhere…”