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Lie Girls: “Flag-Waving, Bible-Thumping Babes are waiting for you to help them spread freedom. . .”

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More on PJ…

A fine article with great photos of his glass house in New Canaan, just in case you are not familiar with it.

Though the one I really like is the sculpture pavillion, on the same compound as the glass house. I have yet to find photos of it online. Will keep searching.

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PJ had died at 98.

Architecture hack, possible nazi sympathizer, copier of many greater architects, and one of the men responsible for defining the International Style – spawning a wave of white box modernism.

On the plus side, he helped Mies get situated in the US, and he, uh.. what can I say, he made the Cystal Cathedral, the AT&T building, his own residential compound in CT.


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Ahh, the Golden Age of the boombox. Makes me want to lay out some cardboard in my place and crank up some Mantronix.

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Microsoft takes a solid blow to the head, staggers.

5 Reasons for switching to Firefox:

1. installs in seconds

2. moves over all your bookmarks, histories, etc.

3. its speedy

4. its more secure than IE

5. its not Microsoft

bonus reason – looks sharp!

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I just can’t believe this. That movie was soooo bad it was laughable. Oh well.

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Over at Coudal today there is a link to Views of Glasgow and The Clyde 1911.

To supplement that I offer these links to the eclectic classicism of Alexander “Greek” Thompson – a fixture on the neo-classical Glasgown architecture scene. You really have to see the buidling in person though, they are fantastic.

+++ – digital re-creations

+++ – The Alexander Thompson Society

This is also nice – Hidden Glasgow – but more useful to you if you are actually over there. If you are, I will jealously wish you a good day. Send IRN-BRU.

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This really is The Greatest Essay Ever. I saw it at TMN. Raw intellectual power. Just check out page 4, brilliant.

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Walid Raad and the Atlas Group….

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“Mapping Sitting: On Portraiture and Photography,” a project by Walid Raad and Akram Zaatari with the Arab Image Foundation. An installation of 3,600 passport photos – all the work of a single commercial photographer, Antranik Anouchian (1908-1991), who ran a busy studio in the cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic city of Tripoli in Lebanon, where Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted. ++++

Walid Radd, as I have said before, rocks.