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May 1 Boycott & LA Marches for Immigrant Rights
No Work! No School! Take To the Streets!

Who’s coming with me?
We can meet at my place downtown and either walk or bike to Olympic and Broadway.

This is important to me because my great-grandmother, Pauline Kahn, immigrated to the US illegally from Russia on a fake passport belonging to someone who had died. This was the only way she could get to New York, as anti-Semitism grew in Eastern Europe in the decades before World War II.

Please join me in support of immigrant rights!

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Man, The Hubble telescope rules. I check in on it now and again to refresh my space themed desktop at work. Today they release an image of “the magnificent starburst galaxy, Messier 82 (M82)” to celebrate Hubble’s 16th anniversary. Wicked pissa. happy Birthday Hubble.

From the website:

“The Hubble, almost by itself, is this instrument which allowed us … to understand that it is quite literally true that we know nothing about 95 percent of the known universe,”

“Seventy-five percent of it is dark energy, 20 percent of it is so-called dark matter, and the remaining 5 percent is what we can see. That is an understanding so profound as to rival with Einstein’s development of theories of relativity and so forth. So it has been an extraordinarily valuable instrument.”

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TMBG and Dunkin’ Donuts rock!.
Watch ’em all.

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Scholars Discover 23 Blank Pages That May As Well Be Lost Samuel Beckett Play

And so on.

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Scorpio October 24 – November 21

A gunslinger will come to town and promise on his mother’s grave to put you in a box in the ground, but he will turn out to be the colorful, well-armed architect you hired to build your subterranean mansion.

The Onion horoscopes. So true.

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Great article today on TMN about loopholes.

“We’re supposed to believe that the guy genuinely thought he was being asked if he had multiple anuses and answered with an enthusiastic ‘yes!’”

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Beautiful aerial 360 degree panoramas – taken with the aid of a kite. Check out McCaigs and Slains Castle.. wow. Seen at Coudal.

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An interesting method of diagramming song structures visually – The Shape of Song. It’s based solely on repeated phrases of notes though, I believe. Via Coudal.

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Beaver overthinking dam.

“I’m more of an integration-minded postmodernist. I don’t believe that form should follow function, like most of my colleagues do. On the other hand, a dam is a celebration of beaver culture, and that is what it should reflect.”

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I spent all day yesterday over at the offices of United States Artists, where I oversaw the installation of a large digital mural I created in collaboration with Pablo Maida. Pablo is the architect for the space, a very nice interior buildout, and he worked with the client, USA, to get me the commission to create this permanent installation. Ed and Tracy over at Warner Center Signs cut the vinyl and installed it. Its huge, and very lovely. 30 feet wide with half-inch tall text, cut out of gold/bronze vinyl. When you step back from the wall, or as you step into the office space, it resolves into an image of trees and foliage.

Photos are up at our flickr page.