Are You Afraid Yet Fridays

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Coudal Partners makes my day with their response to Hilary’s latest scare-tactic campaign ad.

Performance Art Fridays

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This Friday, the elusive February 29th (a Friday), I am doing an audio performance at Dangerous Curve gallery in downtown LA (in the Arts District). It is a collaboration with Mike Feldman and Ethan Tufts.

The performance begins at 8pm, we will go on around 9-ish. They charge a sliding scale, from $7 to $10.
They are located near where 4th street crosses the LA river – right near my loft if you know where that is. It’s a couple of blocks east of Alameda. Its all made clear on their website.


Jeremy Quinn – Guitar, delay
Michael Feldman – Keyboards/synth
Ethan Tufts – Vocal, delay


This performance is a Fluxus inspired audio performance with live video documentation. It uses conditions and events at the immediate location of the gallery to form part of a score for three musicians. The musicians and the audience are remote from each other, as the audience remains in the gallery while the performers are stationed in the neighborhood itself. The audience gets to hear a version of the local life around them, translated through musical reactions to normal events taking place outside. It is in essence a score based upon the daily life of the neighborhood.

Also performing that night will be


And Danny Holt

For info, location, directions see Dangerous Curve

Dangerous Curve
1020 E Fourth Place
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Disco Revelation Tuesdays

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OMG, I have been listening to the Bee Gees for the past couple of days, and some of their songs are.. uh.. GODDAMN AWESOME. Just go listen to Jive Talkin’ on headphones.. the intro is insane. Has anyone sampled that yet? The bass is more bad-ass then I ever remembered it. What does this mean? Am I really finally getting so old that I can like the Bee Gees? Damn. I need to go climb a tree or something juvenile.


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If you give David Horvitz specific sums of money he will complete a variety of specific actions that will not only make both your and his lives better, but also effect the livelihood of his landlord, a homeless person, a Buddhist monk, a cat in LA, or in many cases the airlines industry. I wish I had thought of this. Nice one David.

Tai Chi Tuesdays

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Tai Chi on a roof in Downtown Los Angeles from Jeremy Quinn on Vimeo.

Practicing my Tai Chi on the roof of my building this weekend. This is the classical Yang style long form. It’s 20 minutes long, but when you do it really slow it takes more like 45 minutes. Check out my teacher Tim’s website if you are interested in Tai Chi.

Bacon Wrapped Mondays

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In Downtown LA, at the intersection of gentrification, immigration, law and tastiness, lies the street vendor grilled bacon wrapped hot dog. Nicknamed the “heart attack dog” they are illegal to make and to sell in LA because in order to do so you must grill them, and street vendors are not allowed to grill meat – only to boil or steam it due to health code regulations.
This weekend, we decided (well, my niece told me we should anyway) to head on down to Griffith Park and grill some up ourselves just to see what all the fuss was about.
Oh man. If you haven’t had one, you need to try ’em. I totally recommend grilling them over hot coals in a park like we did.

Read all about it in the LA Weekly Article.

See more photos of our bacon outing at my Flickr page.

I dare you

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Do you dare click on a link that leads to Annette’s Secret Passage?

Yes. Annette Funicello. Her Secret Passage.

Go ahead. Make my day.

Happy Extruded Love Day!

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Snagged from here.

Shaolin Saturdays

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Two Saturdays ago, Michele and I went to the Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of art to check out the documentary photo show Shaolin: Temple of Zen by Justin Guariglia. There was also a Kung Fu and Calligraphy demonstration by Shaolin monk Shi De Chao.

Shaolin Monk Shi De Chao from Jeremy Quinn on Vimeo.

First he did a meditation set, then this Kung Fu set above. I didn’t catch the name of the set unfortunately, but we were told it is the basic set all the monks in the Shoalin temple learn early on.

Check out some photos from the show here on flickr, or see my vimeo page for two more videos, including the great Monk’s Spade set.