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A British television program called Demolition invited viewers to nominate their most hated building and have it torn down. Residents of Cumbernauld, Scotland have nominated their entire town. Some times the best laid plans still dont work.

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As a special treat for everyone out there, and to celebrate my not being selected for jury duty yesterday (defendant plead guilty I think) I have saved out an mp3 version of my latest musical experiment – recording over old 80’s dance music with blazing yet out of key guitar riffage. You might love it, or it might hurt your ears, either way – take a listen if you dare.

To make it even more dangerous, I started out with Grace Jones.

Use Me Crocket

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SO. This weekend we went on a fantastic trip up to Napa Valley to stay at a vacation house my friend Josh worked on. The place was amazing, but I don’t have time to go into detail just now. I will post a trip log tonight (hopefully). For now, check out Ruston Family Vineyards, a superb winery we visted (umm, actually a cute little house with 3 acres of grapes laid out in front) and tasted at. Great stuff. +++

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So, it was a mighty fine, albeit rainy, post-Napa Monday morning, until I read that Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. Shit!

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This one come straight from my Dad, in Norwell, and its good stuff:

Read this review in Boston Globe’s Weekly Calendar Events/Entertainment/Arts
Paper put out on
Thursdays of each week:

WWW.GALLERYKAYAFAS.COM Stephan Jacobs: War Games, Photos
shown with
Reinactors as the
real persons in Photos shown.
i.e. Fiction WWII

PS: Make sure you bring your “Rain Coats” this weekend to Napa; don’t pick
the grapes either, too
early, but do a Winery tour.


Love Dad


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You may, by now, have noticed the new link up in the pink block zone which directs you to McLean Fine Arts. The website for said operation is now fully functional, and features the work of Michele and myself, along with many other fine artists. Take a look up there for more informations.

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My good friend, Evgeny, whom I met while travelling around eastern Europe in the late 1990’s on a tour of Constructivist Architecture, tells me about his new online radio show in conjunction with the lovely sound sorcerer Uschka. Take a listen to what they have to offer, and watch out for surprise playlist appearances by Crocket the Ironmonger. Deal.

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I was hunting around amazon.com, comparing book prices and such, when I ran into this +++ – the trailer for the upcoming Hitchkikers Guide to the Galaxy film. Since I don’t have sound here at work, I will have to watch it again later. I can’t wait.. and they had better not screw this one up. Those bastard Vogons.

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Meanwhile, the army is working on bringing the future battle scenes in Terminator to life – +++

“In the beginning, they will be remote-controlled, looking and acting like lethal toy trucks.” -Nice, just like cute little toys we can drive around the world to kill people with.
Oh, here is another choice quote:

“The lawyers tell me there are no prohibitions against robots making life-or-death decisions,” said Mr. Johnson, who leads robotics efforts at the Joint Forces Command research center in Suffolk, Va. “I have been asked what happens if the robot destroys a school bus rather than a tank parked nearby. We will not entrust a robot with that decision until we are confident they can make it.”

Until we are confident? Holy. Shit.

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An artist got his work, fake passports for the State of Sabotage, confiscated at the airport on the way to the show. “A customs agent at Detroit Metropolitan Airport believed the items could ‘in some way be harmful if imported into the U.S.'”